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The Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically, it is in fact a fragment of a larger work which Pope planned but did not live to complete.

The hurricane center claimed his body, had him cremated, and on August 31, , launched his ashes through the drop-port of a P-3 Orion hurricane hunter into the heart of Hurricane Danielle.

How to write the thesis acknowledgement section

His remains entered the atmosphere at 28 N. Kuang, The Poppy War. He had probably seen the man a dozen times before yet did not know anything about him. King Davit would have no doubt have known half the man's history already. This had to be done delicately, to make sure this Henry did not think him a fool. He tried to think of how his father would do it. It is a comfort to know I am so well guarded.

I will make sure to praise you when next I speak to the lord general. But for now I think there is no need to worry. To communicate a fact seemed always to lend it fuller existence. Miller Jr. Thanks to all such people for giving me at least some character to begin with.

This acknowledgement requires honesty. I have no claim on her; I do not acknowledge her laws--hardly her existence, and she has no authority over me. Why should she, how could she, constituted as she is, receive such as me? The moment she did so, she would cease to be what she is; and, if all be true that one hears of her, she does me a kindness in excluding me.

That she did so with love and patience and encouragement instead of strangling me, throwing my remains into a wood chipper, and then pretending she had never been married to me at all is a testament to the fact that she is, in fact, the single best person I know. They may not represent the values you personally cherish.

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Authors do this to pump themselves up. Editing is as much as an art form as writing a creative piece of literature. A good editor is a trusted person whom instructs the writer to speak plainly and unabashedly informs the writer when they write absolute gibberish.

Perhaps the most successful relationship between a writer and an editor is the storied relationship shared by Thomas Wolfe and his renowned editor, Maxwell Perkins.

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By all accounts, the prodigiously talented and mercurial Wolfe was hypersensitive to criticism. Perkins provided Wolfe with constant reassurance and substantially trimmed the text of his books. To Ruby, thank you for lending me a copy of your manuscript, which is the main reference of my thesis, and for bearing with all my queries. For letting me and Ju stay in your place, for finding time to cook for us, for helping me recall my SAS programming, for believing that I can finish this thesis, and for simply being there when I needed someone to consult or talk to, Weng, remember that all these are recognized and appreciated.

Thank you so much. Working on my thesis would be a lot different without Ju who helped me particularly in completing the SAS codes I used in my simulations. You know that your contribution in coming up with this thesis is indispensable.

A Dutch university prohibits a PhD student from thanking God in his acknowledgments

I will forever be grateful for having you and Weng, together with Juz and Olie, as my friends. My deepest gratitude goes to my family for their unflagging love and support throughout my life. This thesis is simply impossible without them. I wish to thank my Auntie Cel, for reminding me that I also need to take a rest and for staying with me in Quezon City for the duration of my thesis writing.

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To Manang Badet, thank you for your prayers and words of encouragements. Thanks you for bringing Baby Bram to the family. Baby Bram has been one of my sources of inspiration in completing this thesis. My Manang May, who stayed awake with me especially during the last few days of working on my thesis, has been my constant reminder that I could do better than what I think I can.

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Thank you for the support, love and prayers. I love you Sis. As we have joked around in our home, a page for my acknowledgement is not even enough to thank my Manong Boy. Throughout my thesis writing, he has been there to help me out on the logistics for my thesis.

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He always had a solution to my problems with the computers. He even drives me around when I needed to rush things for my thesis. My deepest gratitude to you Bro! I love you.

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To my ever supportive partner in life, thank you for helping me with my thesis, no matter how technical this is for you. I am just so grateful that I have you all this time. Thank you for the undying love and support you have provided me and for believing in me that I can finish my manuscript on time. I cannot ask for more from my Papa and Mama, as they have both been wonderful parents to me and my siblings.

I have no suitable word that can fully describe their everlasting love for me. I remember their constant support when I encountered difficulties in finishing my thesis, especially when I almost wanted to give up on my thesis. They have helped me financially, morally and spiritually. They always gave me words of encouragement. Mama and Papa, a million thanks to you. I love you both, so much. Above all, I thank our Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me the intellect to understand the complexity of numbers, and giving me strength to complete this research.

Most specially, thank you for sending your angels when I needed them the Most. To all my heaven-sent angels, thank you and God bless us all.