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The Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically, it is in fact a fragment of a larger work which Pope planned but did not live to complete.

Less durable marble and limestone is used in Greek architecture. When talking of pottery, the Greek pottery had paintings on them that differentiated it from all others. On the contrary, the Greek art was much more oriented towards philosophy. The emphasis of Egyptian statues was more on the symmetry.

Emotions and expressions were written on the faces of the Greek statues. Cite Prabhat S. May 2, The Parthenon, which is a crown jewel of greek art is only recently known as a statue of democracy. It was originally a temple for the Greek goddess Athena, who the city of Athens was named after the whole structure was built to hold a statue of her that Greeks could pray and leave gifts for.

Roman Temples VS Greek Temples - Understanding The Differences

Most of their art was centered around various mythological gods and their relationship with Greek people. Do better research. Name required.

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Compare Contrast Greek and Roman Art Essay

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Help us improve. The Romans, who imported their wheat and annexed provinces that could provide them with this all-important staple, also farmed, but they also engaged in trade. It is thought that the Greeks considered trade degrading.

Similarities Between Greek And Roman Architecture Essay -- Ancient Rome,

Manufacturing was also an urban occupation. Both Greece and Rome worked mines.

While Greece also had slaves, the economy of Rome was dependent on slave labor from the expansion until the late Empire. Both cultures had coinage. Rome debased its currency to fund the Empire. The social classes of Greece and Rome changed over time, but the basic divisions of early Athens and Rome consisted of free and freedmen, slaves, foreigners, and women. Only some of these groups were counted as citizens. In Athens, according to the literature of stereotypes, women were valued for abstaining from gossip, for managing the household, and, most of all, for producing legitimate children.

The aristocratic woman was secluded in the women's quarter and had to be accompanied in public places. The Athenian woman was subject to her father, and even after marriage, he could ask for her return. The Athenian woman was not a citizen. The Roman woman was legally subject to the paterfamilias , whether the dominant male in her household of birth or the household of her husband.

She could own and dispose of property and go about as she wished. From epigraphy, we read that a Roman woman was valued for piety, modesty, maintenance of harmony, and being a one-man woman. The Roman woman could be a Roman citizen.

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The father of the family was dominant and could decide whether or not to keep a newborn child. The paterfamilias was the Roman head of the household. Adult sons with families of their own were still subject to their own father if he was the paterfamilias. In the Greek family, or oikos , household, the situation was more what we consider the nuclear family normal. Sons could legally challenge the competence of their fathers. Originally, kings ruled Athens; then an oligarchy rule by the few , and then democracy voting by the citizens.

City-states joined together to form leagues that came into conflict, weakening Greece and leading to its conquest by the Macedonian kings and later, the Roman Empire.

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Kings also originally governed Rome.