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The Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically, it is in fact a fragment of a larger work which Pope planned but did not live to complete.

Peter: Are you kidding?

Fudge is one crazy kid. He throws tantrums in public, embarrasses me, and is always getting in my way. They realized that they were wrong when he snuck into my room and ruined a class project. They ended up buying a lock but Fudge still managed to get in my room and swallow my pet turtle, Dribble. Me: Well Peter, it seems that you had quite a predicament with your pet turtle and Fudge.

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What were your feelings when your baby brother swallowed your pet? Peter: At first, I felt very upset and angry. I was upset because I was worried about what will happen to my pet, whether he would be able to make it or not. When I my mother yelled at me for even asking such a dumb question, I felt angry. How was I supposed to know that my poor turtle Dribble, would never make it out alive?

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I was also angry because all my parents cared about was Fudge. Me: How did things turn out when Fudge got back from the hospital?

Peter: Much better. My parents realized that they were hard on me, and appreciated my patience and cooperation.

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They rewarded me with my very own dog. Judy Blume has written 22 books and has won more than 90 awards. More than 65 million copies of her books have been sold, and have been translated into 20 languages. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing 11 November We will write a custom essay sample on. Do Not Waste Your Time. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. A limited time offer!

Peter's mother sticks her finger in Fudge's mouth and pulls out a petal. Peter's mother panics and calls the doctor who say's it will be ok and and to just give him some medicine. When Mr. Yarby arrive Peter think they look like the Grandma and Grandpa type. During dinner Peter and Fudge fought, Mr. That night while they were talking Mr.

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Yarby went into their room only to find fudge pasting green stamps all over the Yarby's suitcase. Hatcher exclaimed. Judy Blume does a very good job of expressing what a child of 9 years would think about his brother and how he looks at his parents. The way she writes this book it almost feels like you are the one telling this tale.

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If you have a younger brother or sister of even know any two year olds then you can really relate. Getting familiar with the characters in this book was easy. Judy Blume not only brought the characters in but she also told about their friends which gave you an idea of who the characters are.

She also shows how the family works and how it seems that Peter is being unfairly treated but you see that he is just sick of being a brother. At a friends birthday party Peter gets a turtle and he names it Dribble. The climax of this book is when Fudge goes to the hospital because, catch this, he eats Peter's turtle, just swallows it whole. Peter gets really angry at Fudge.