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The Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically, it is in fact a fragment of a larger work which Pope planned but did not live to complete.

Such a rigid attitude to his deeds can be explained through his willingness to make profit on everything.

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His physical description, style, manner of delivering speech can be described as highly didactic, conservative and non-emotional. In the text, a reader may find several cases of reference to square form.

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It describes the personality of our character who adores numbers and scheduled timetable of a day. Gradgrind is the father of a big family since he has got five children.

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Dickens was against the factual education, and he developed his character in such a way which reflects contrary ideas to his own. Therefore the character of Mr. Gradgrind votes for such a system of education which is based on facts, mathematical consideration and strict measures.

"Hard Times" by Charles Dickens part 1

He denied creativity and emotional component in education; moreover, he excludes teaching and upbringing morality which, later, reflects in the future of his children. Gradgrind practices what he preaches to the letter.

Not only are his learning techniques taught in the school, he governs, but his children have been raised by its laws. The novel charts, Mr.

The Effects of the Gradgrind System of Education in Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Gradgrind's growing realization, but his theories when applied without the humane influence of the heart, can be destructive. A marriage arranged for profit and convenience between Louisa and Bounderby ends in disaster. Tom, becomes a liar and a thief, forced to escape the law in disguise. A basically decent man, Mr. Gradgrind is not beyond redemption, according to Dickens.

Character Analysis

Largely through the influence of Sissy Jupe and the trauma of Louisa's failed marriage, Mr. Gradgrind grows in wisdom and experience. The inspector wants to fill everyone up with facts and get rid of common sense, fancy and imagination. He was taught things such as orthography, etymology, syntax and prosody, biography, astronomy and many more. They all were taught facts. This in itself seems ambiguous and indistinguishable of what Dickens is trying to say. Does Gradgrind want persons to know facts and facts alone or does he only engage in this malicious manner of teaching to please his own satisfactions?

Charles Dickens shows the reader how the school is affecting the pupils through the eyes of Sissy Jupe and Bitzer. Sissy Jupe was a new girl at the school and had quite an irksome first day.

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  • Sissy Jupe actually went to Mr. Gradgrinds house to ask if she may go to the school.

    Gradgrinds philosophy of education in Hard Times Paper

    When she tells Mr. Gradgrind that her father belongs to the horse riding which is another name for the circus. This is because Mr. Gradgrind sees the circus as non-factual therefore he feels it serves no purpose in life. In comparison to Sissy, Bitzer seems to have a more successful time at school.

    Bitzer has obviously been at the school longer as he seems to know a lot of facts and the system. On the first impression you think that Bitzer must be very smart but then you realize this information has just been drilled into him and he has learnt the trigger to which he must answer. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in the spring; in marshy countries sheds hoofs too.

    Hoofs hard, but requiring to be shad with iron. Dickens describes Bitzer as being pale this may be for the reason that he lives in Coketown, which is an industrial place but this is also on a parallel to the fact that not only is his colour drained from his living in Coketown but his imagination is being drained out of him because of the school he goes to. Whereas Sissy on the other hand still has pink cheeks because she still has her imagination and opinion as her conversation with the school inspector shows.