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The Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically, it is in fact a fragment of a larger work which Pope planned but did not live to complete.

While the focus is generally on the teacher for reconceptualizing how social media are used in the classroom, student interaction is also very important. Social media users do not typically debrief face-to-face about the information discussed online. However, in order to facilitate effective use of social media in the classroom context, this step may need to be added, as students have face-to-face, academic discussions around their learning in class Beauchamp and Kennewell, ; Edwards-Groves, Students also need to see the value in their participation in social media.

In many studies, students are required to use social media for in-school purposes that they typically use voluntarily out of school, which they may find useless or out of context Crook, ; Guzzetti and Gamboa, If they do not value using social media to design multimodal texts, represent ideas in non-traditional ways, or interact with other students via social media Collin and Street, , then they will not see a reason to participate in any way that benefits them or the other students in the class.

Even with the numerous recommendations for how to incorporate social media into the classroom, many educators still encounter both practical and pedagogical limitations. It seemed that the incorporated technologies may have been at odds with the culture and contexts that the teachers had already cultivated in their classrooms, and thus, they encountered numerous fundamental issues as expectations did not meet the reality of technology within these contexts.

As some students bring out-of-school literacies like texting conventions e.

Even the traditional notion of literacy is not about learning the proper way to use words Kalantzis and Cope, Instead, it is about the different ways in which people can use those words in context e. Furthermore, some scholars also discuss the opposition to social media in the classroom because there is a fear that nontraditional texts will replace traditional ones Luke, ; Mills, Mills also argues that the inclusion of new technologies and digital texts does not mean that there is no longer a place for classic literature in the classroom.

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In fact, because of Web 2. Furthermore, the concepts, media, and information with which the teacher is most comfortable are generally given the most attention in the classroom Edwards-Groves, ; Edwards-Groves and Langley, Even if students are comfortable with social media outside of school, they may not know or understand how to use them in an academic context, repurposed or not. While students may be skilled in downloading, video gaming, modding modifying games, creating mash-ups, posting on social media, etc.

Thus, even though the platform may be familiar, the genre of communication for academic purposes may not be, and the conventionalized communications on the platform may not match the academic expectations of its use in the classroom Staarman, Teachers must navigate the difficult path of guiding diverse learners each day and curating the ways in which they will ingest information.

However, this was not the case, and the time spent on a project actually increased from five weeks to seven weeks to allow for further scaffolding, repurposing, and preparation. While there is some consensus about what social media can offer teachers and students in the classroom and ways to leverage these claimed affordances, there are still many unanswered questions.

One reason for this might be the constantly changing nature of social media and the challenge they are to research as a result Gee, Another reason might be that because social media are so broad, flexible, and fluid, there is a multitude of ways that teachers and students can use them in the classroom, and how they do so is largely based on the context of that particular environment. Teachers and researchers likely have yet to understand all the affordances that social media may offer as they continue to be repurposed and used in new contexts.

However, there is agreement that social media are pervasive in the daily lives of most US citizens and their study and potential use for the classroom are important. Therefore, many scholars argue that more research needs to be conducted e. Moje calls for new and continued research for social media classroom application, focusing on specific teachers who effectively incorporate social media tools to promote multiliteracies. This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors. Olivia G Stewart is a Ph. Her research interests are in how social media can be used to enhance classroom learning and the literacy practices surrounding their uses.

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Increased, interactive audience. Learning and literacies. Implications for classroom incorporation. Limitations of social media in the classroom.

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