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Intercultural Communication Essay example

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Responsibilities as an IT manager for maintaining proper flow of communication in the organization

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David Mezzacappa Different cultures can be a challenge for anyone, when groups come together they work together and set aside the differences. Sometimes even different cultures make a team even stronger. Everyone thinks differently but may have a great idea that others may not have thought about, there are always Advantages and disadvantages in these types of settings that will also be discussed. History teaches us that culture always changes because of internal and external influences.

Both culture and communication have evolved considerably and have become interdependent of one another. Intercultural communication is used in a team or group setting it is a group of people with different cultural backgrounds that have to learn how to communicate, interact and understand each other. Sometimes coming to a conclusion can become a conflict or it can become a difficult task because of the different minds that are coming together.

In addition, cultural identities are associated in the larger society with certain power positions, such that some cultural identity groups have greater power, prestige, and status than others e. Expanding diversity in the workplace or a school environment is as a good way to input fresh ideas into an otherwise stagnant environment, and incorporating new perspectives can help members tackle problems from a number of different angles.

Socially different group members do more than simply introduce new viewpoints or approaches, diverse groups outperformed other types of groups not because of of all the new ideas, but because diversity triggered more careful information processing that is absent in homogeneous groups. There are a few reasons its great to have diversity in a Groups, group decisions help to combine individual strengths of the group members and helps the decision-making process. It is a strong sense of team spirit amongst the group members and helps the group to think together in terms of success as well as failure.

Beebe, John T. As well as having advantages there is also the disadvantages to having a diverse team. Individual opinions can be biased or affected with their own opinions that can hinder the process. One of the major disadvantages is that it is more time-consuming than the process of individual decision-making. It takes longer to be finalized since there are many opinions to be considered and valued. In case of authoritarian or minority group decision-making, the people whose opinions are not considered tend to be left out from the decision-making process and hence the team spirit ceases to grow.

Sometimes these differences seem hard to get over, but when a conflict triggers strong feelings, a deep personal need is at the core of theā€¦ Show More. Related Documents: Intercultural Communication Essay example.

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  • Intercultural Communication Essay Intercultural Communication Analysis When I first decided to move to United States from Tanzania, my first concern was how I will be able to communicate with the people there. This is due to the detrimental effects that they have on the victims. Victims of cyber abuse often suffer from feelings such as depression, guilt, shame, and as well self-harm because of withdrawal from families and friends. Study reveals that youth victims of text bullying often feel more unsafe while at school as compared to others who are not victims of text bullying.

    Lastly, while considering online dating cases of generation Y, these relationships are often faced by complicated relationships due to feelings of isolation. More so, low self-esteem and poor social interaction skills also affect the manner in which generation Y interact through social networking platforms. It is through these online relationships that the youth face a risk of being victimized with cyber bullying and as well face risk of being victims of unwanted sexual advances and as well cyber stalking Wood, Successful interaction of people requires attainment of set skills.

    The ability to communicate with others and work through conflicts are some basic skills in life. Over the past years, there is a rise in computer use as a channel of communication among generation Y Wood, The growth of computer use has a direct link with the rise and the use of the internet. While regarding to conflict solving, response to some hypothetical situations that involve conflicts is similar to responses observed in real-life conflicts DeVito, This implies that there is need of incorporation of the hypothetical opportunities with an aim of presenting these skills while preparing generation Y individuals for real life situations.

    However, with the presentation of the hypothetical situations used, their presentation is through a face-to-face interaction between the facilitator and the youth Birchmeier, There lies a great concern with the continued reliance on technology methods of communication among the youth since there are some speculations that decline of face-to-face interaction results to a decrease in the ability of handling real-life conflicts.

    Study reveals that there is a high number of generation Y individuals face high cases of conflicts with their parents. On the other hand, research conducted on the effects of reliance of technology on interpersonal communication reveals that a high number of the youth who do not communicate with their parents. This is with despite being frightened and as well being aware of their pending danger West, While using interpersonal communication between people, there are high chances of having physical contact between people involved.


    Communication and Media Essay Sample: Intercultural Communication | torehealthpy.tk

    However, with the use of technology methods, there is reduced physical contact between the communicating generation Y individuals Wood, This implies that there is also a reduced social interaction as compared to the use of interpersonal communication. Consider socializing among generation Y individuals. With the use of technology methods of communication, life there is a great change in life.

    There are no social meetings and get-togethers their frequency is decreasing at a high rate. Social interaction faces a negative influence from the use of technology methods of communication. Generation Y individuals often feel bothered by their online friends other than their real social life.

    On the other hand, due to lack of face-to-face meetings with other people interactions made by generation Y individuals through social media, have weak ties Phillips, That is individuals often fail to feel as personally connected, as they would feel while using face-to-face communication. This is because of reliance on written communication commonly used by the youths generation Y while communicating with others.

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    They are losing the ability to understand and express their views without necessarily communicating to one another verbally. On the other hand, resulting from over reliance on computer based channels of communication, understanding important skills of interpersonal communication is leading to incompetence during verbal communication among the youth. Unlike generation Y other older generations can understand one another without speaking so much as little bits of body language could communicate so much.

    Due to their limited encounters with one another face-to-face generation Y have little or no knowledge on non-verbal communication. This consequently is a blow to their interpersonal relations with one another. This is a drawback of over reliance on technology related methods of communication used by this generation West, Technological communication has also caused addiction, which cause anxiety disorders.

    Intercultural Communication

    A good example is addiction to use of the internet and cell phones. This is resulting to addiction to online chatting with people from other regions. Because of this addiction, there are numerous strains experienced by the body Borgman, In many cases, eye problems arise due to computer brightness.

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    • More so, some even experience backaches that result from remaining seated for long hours while using computers and as well while chatting with others. These disorders have a great negative impact not only to the individual suffering from it but also parents to the individual.