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Mutual coupling;Antennas;Isolations;Wireless applications;Microstrip. Mutual Coupling MC is the exchange of energy between multiple antennas when placed on the same PCB, it being one of the critical parameters and a significant issue to be considered when designing MIMO antennas.

Basic Principle of Antenna Radiation

It appears significantly where multiple antennas are placed very close to each other, with a high coupling affecting the performance of the array, in terms radiation patterns, the reflection coefficient, and influencing the input impedance. The coupling mechanism between multiple antenna elements is identified as being mainly through three different paths or channels: surface wave propagation, space direct radiation and reactive near-field coupling.

In this thesis, various coupling reduction approaches that are commonly employed in the literature are categorised based on these mechanisms.

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Furthermore, a new comparative study involving four different array types PIFA, patch, monopole, and slot , is explained in detail. This thesis primarily focuses on three interconnected research topics for mutual coupling reduction based on new isolation approaches for different wireless applications i.

Circular polarised microstrip antenna design using segmental methods - Northumbria Research Link

Narrowband, Ultra-wide-band and Multi-band. Excellent isolation of more than 27 dB Z-X plane and 40 dB Z-Y plane is obtained without much degradation of the radiation characteristics. In this context, it becomes all the more important to increase the efficiency of the antennae involved with these systems. This thesis tries to do just that by determining an optimum design for a patch antenna and also the best possible feed network for the same which would enhance its radiation properties as has been shown through the results obtained here. Patch antennae are used because of their popularity arising from their adaptability and unobtrusive nature.

Furthermore, the mutual coupling between antennae in a 2 x 2 array when the antennae are linearly, non-linearly and circularly polarized is studied and compared. During this process, the frequency variation produced in such a situation was also tabulated.

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  • The data from the variation of the mutual coupling between adjacent antennae and the resonant frequency of the antennae themselves, its dependence on polarization, feed direction and distance can be used in designing an array. Committee Dr.

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